A river’s testimony

31 May 2021
Altamira 2042 is a performative installation dealing with the impact of the Belo Monte dam on the Xingu River ecosystem.

LED speakers and flash drives as techno-shamanic devices, dance combined with visual projections, a polyphony of beings, languages, sounds and noises. With her performative installation „Altamira 2042“, Brazilian artist Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha attempts to open up the audience’s attention to voices that many try to silence (here's a video teaser).

The performer orchestrates the work together with the audience. An actress and a director, for the past 5 years she has developed the ”Riverbank Project: about rivers, buiúnas and fireflies", an art research dedicated to access the testimony of Brazilian rivers that are living an experience of catastrophe.

This project was conceived as a response to the Anthropocene, defined here as "the moment when men cease to fear catastrophe to become the catastrophe themselves". The first stage focussed on the Araguaia River and the women who fought in the Araguaia Guerrilla Group.

After shows in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and other major cities, the play was presented in nine cities in the region where the conflicts actually took place. "Altamira 2042”, which premiered in 2019, is the second stage of this research project.

Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha has received various international art and research scholarships and awards. In her theater and cinema career, she has worked with directors such as Ariane
Mnouchkine, Georgette Fadel, Cibele Forjaz, Grace Passô, Eryk Rocha and Heitor Dhalia.

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