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Ein umfassendes Porträt der Ukraine mit Konzerten, Symposien, Lesungen, Filmen, Vorträgen und Ausstellungen

Valentin Silvestrov
Swetlana Alexeijewitsch
Susan Boos
Simon Camartin 
Chor Cantus
Manfred Eicher 
Paul Griffiths
Ensemble Hurtopravci 
Kammerorchester Basel
Alexej Lubimow
Iwan Monighetti 
Lyrik im Od-theater
Christoph Poppen
Rosamunde Quartett
Peter Rychlo
Edith Silbermann
Rumänische Staatsphilharmomie Oradea
Oleg Veklenko
Gruppe Vopli Vidopliassova
Zürcher Klaviertrio

Jurriaan Cooiman

Born in the Netherlands in 1966. Founder and director of CULTURESCAPES.

He studied cultural management at the University of Basel. He has been the head of Performing Arts Services, a production agency, and has worked in collaboration with, amongst others, the Od-theater, Circle X Arts, Sankai Juku, Werkbühne Berlin and Goetheanum. Since founding CULTURESCAPES in 2003, he is a main driving force and inspiration for all the festival editions. He lectures on cultural management and networking. He is a member of the European Festivals Association (EFA).

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